Top 3 Reasons You Need an Editorial Calendar

Click here to subscribe to the VistaComm blogMarketing and communication in today’s world is more sophisticated and complicated than ever. With web-based ads, billboards, media advertisements, social media and so on, your customers are literally bombarded with messages throughout their day.

As a result, your business cannot afford to push out redundant, lackluster content because there are too many organizations competing for your customers’ attention. If customers lose interest in your message, they may stop paying attention to your content entirely.

It’s clear: Content marketing is a powerful, progressive way to persuade and influence your target market, and it isn’t going away anytime soon. 

Coming up with consistently fresh and compelling content can seem like a burden. It’s just plain hard work! However, with the right approach, you can generate meaningful, attention-worthy content like a well-oiled machine. It all starts with one task—developing an editorial calendar.

88% of businesses are using content marketing, but only 48% have a documented content strategy in place.

What is an editorial calendar?

An editorial calendar is a valuable resource for anyone with a need to continually release new content. As the name implies, your editorial calendar helps you visually organize all of your upcoming content in calendar form to ensure that your content is getting written and released according to plan. Professional publishers have been using this practice for decades, so this is not exactly a revolutionary idea. However, in today’s age of e-newsletters, blogs and social media, more businesses are publishing content than ever before. Thus, this idea has really taken off as an effective way to make sure content stays fresh, consistent and relevant.



Makes creating new content consistently seem more manageable.

Does your organization write a blog? Publish a newsletter? Send out updates via email? Post on social media? Send out press releases? With all the new channels that exist to reach your audience, it has become more and more difficult to stay on top of everything. Content marketing can be an overwhelming undertaking if you’re not well-organized. That’s why editorial calendars are such a valuable tool. They allow you to organize your upcoming content so the task of content management doesn’t seem so daunting.

Download the VistaComm editorial calendar template hereREASON #2

Lets you strategically plan your content.

Just because your organization publishes lots of content on a regular basis doesn’t mean it’s working to grow your business. If you want to reach your goals, you must first realize that content marketing takes strategy. Pay close attention to your customers’ purchasing behavior (what they buy, when they buy it and why) and media preferences (print, digital, social, etc.) Use that information in your calendar to create and release fresh content at the most opportune times, ensuring that you are capitalizing on every opportunity to grow your business.


Helps you view your content in “big picture” format.

Editorial calendars give you a thousand-foot view of your content creation schedule. This allows you to define and control the way your organization creates and manages its content. That is particularly useful in assessing which channels/content get the best response, allowing you to constantly refine your content creation efforts so you can publish the best possible content through the most effective channels at just the right time.

By having your own editorial calendar you will help ensure your marketing and communication efforts are well coordinated, and that all departments are on the same page.

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