4 Considerations When Looking for New Web Design Inspiration

When it comes to websites, many businesses today are not impressed with the latest trends. Corporate decision-makers want proof that any change will be a good move for their customers and their bottom line. Effective digital communication is their end goal.

Here are four things to consider when gathering inspiration for your company’s new web design.



#1—Anticipate customer needs

People are accessing online content through a diverse mix of devices, whether desktop, tablet, smartphone, or wearable. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, it is seen as customer hostile. Make sure your site is responsively designed to adapt to whatever device it is being viewed on—from widescreen monitors to iPads to smartphones.


#2—Amplify your message

Make sure your site allows your customers to tell you what information they want to receive from you and how they want it delivered. An easy-to-use command center to create, schedule, and distribute timely alerts, relevant messages, e-newsletters and social media updates is critical.


#3—Build relationships with content

In today’s digital world, content is what drives sales, engagement, retention and positive customer behavior. Consider intuitive software that helps you easily aggregate, create, manage, and share relationship-building content with your customers and prospects.


#4—Integrate seamlessly

Customers expect seamless online access to current inventory, pricing, account information and more. Always explore the competitive advantage that integrating back office or online systems into your website can produce. With a flexible web platform and knowledgeable team, the opportunities to customize your web presence to add value are limitless.

How can we communicate effectively online? This is one question we answer several times—on a daily basis. We have ideas. We have solutions. We’re committed to helping your business engage your audience, strengthen your relationships, and building your brand.