4 Simple Ways to Update Your Site

The web is all about fresh content. If you don’t regularly update your website, you run the risk of getting overlooked by clients, prospects, and search engines.

Don’t panic.

We can connect you with four simple ways to maximize your visibility.

  1. A “share” widget. Find a story you like online that you think your target audience would appreciate? This widget lets you add it to your site. The widget can also feed current ag news stories, fun ag facts, and more to any of 100+ social networks. You can see how ProAg is using this widget on their site at http://www.proag.com/news.
  2. The easy way to tweet like a pro. Are you using Twitter to connect with your audience? We can add your Twitter feed to your site. These updates are timely and simple to maintain, since all you have to do is tweet. You can see this feature in action at www.vistacomm.com. (Scroll down the homepage to view the “From Our Twitter Community” section.)
  3. Facebook updates that go farther. We can put a Facebook box on your site so your status updates are fed right to your homepage. See how WFS is making this happen at www.wfsag.com. (Scroll down to the lower left corner of the homepage.)
  4. A module to maximize your blog. Blogging is a great tool that helps you spread your messages. It also offers a powerful way to boost your search engine optimization (SEO), so people are more likely to find your information when they search for certain key words. If you’re already blogging, it’s easy to add a module that feeds your updated blog posts to your site. Check out https://www.vistacomm.com/blog or http://www.proag.com/mikes-blog.

Keep those updates coming

Want to include any of these tools on your site? We make it simple. Contact us today at 866-752-7707 to get started.