5 Ways to Use Video in Your Agri Marketing Communication

We live in a visual world. Now more than ever, web-savvy customers are demanding efficiency to bring them the information they need — quickly. Use of video offers that efficiency and it’s important to consider it in your current agri-marketing communication.

Here are five strategies that will put your message in motion through video. Try using any of them on your website and social media and see how video brings your company presence to life. VistaComm can help you get started.

  1. Product or service demo. This works particularly well for products or services that might be hard to explain. Examples include subjects like variable rate application, crop disease or insect control. A simple video can make the point faster than a long article about the topic.
  2. Safety guidelines or demos. Video is the perfect way to “show and tell” your customers/producers about important topics such as grain bin safety, anhydrous handling and safe operation of specific equipment.
  3. Customer testimonials. Record a customer talking about good results from your business’ products or services. Examples include seed performance, variable-rate application results, energy contract value, tire service convenience, etc.
  4. Promotions and incentives. Video is a great way to feature limited offers such as c-store specials, fuel contracts and tire deals. Post the video on your website or Facebook page, or share via email.
  5. Events and community involvement. Showcase your company’s involvement in the community by sharing videos of events such as scholarship presentations or school/community activity sponsorships. Video also works great for promoting field days, location events, vendor workshops and trade shows.

Resource: Agri-Insights magazine, Issue #1 – 2017, “Put Your Story in Motion,” Wooldridge, pg. 16.