800 Million Mobile-only Internet Users by 2013

After reading Burke Perry’s post on the future of the Internet being mobile, I felt the need to take it a step further. The future of the internet is indeed mobile. Users are making the switch to smartphones and tablets at an increasing pace. Morgan Stanley Research estimates that by the end of 2013, mobile internet usage will pass desktop internet use. Half of the average website’s visitors will be viewing content on a screen that’s smaller than a desktop. It’s also estimated by this time there will be almost 800 million mobile-only Internet users.

Mobile internet users will surpass desktop users - is your agribusiness webiste ready?

One of the driving factors behind this massive shift from desktop to mobile is the proliferation of high-speed data networks, along with the availability of easy-to-use mobile phones and tablets. In the last 12 months, the number of smartphones in America has almost doubled (Ars Technica) and the amount of data being consumed by each smartphone user has increased by 125% (Ars Technica).

Devices like the iPhone, Android phones, iPads, and other tablets have allowed users to ditch the desktop and instead consume content on the internet wherever they are, at home, at work, or in their truck on a dirt road surrounded by corn fields.

But what does that mean for you? What are the necessary steps you need to take to bring your website up to the standards that are expected by mobile users?

Did you think we’d give away all our answers in one blog post? Watch for the next VistaComm blog post to learn successful mobile-ready website strategies.