5 Must-Haves for Your “About Us” Page

A good About Us page is hard to come by. They are one of the most-visited pages on any company’s website, but they are often the weakest.

Here are our top five tips to make sure your About Us page isn’t boring, self-serving, or out of date:

  1. Focus on the customer’s needs. Instead of starting your About Us page by talking about yourself, consider your clients/prospects. Think about the needs you fulfill and the problems you address for your customers. Then use plain language to describe how you meet those needs and solve those challenges.
  2. Never try to be something you’re not. If you’re a small cooperative, for example, highlight the fact that you’re a responsive, local company owned by local members. Candor is compelling.
  3. Introduce yourself with pictures. When someone clicks on your About Us page, they want to get to know you. Maybe it’s their first time on your site, or they’re thinking about making a purchase but want to make sure they can trust you first. Including pictures of your staff, the outside of your establishment, etc., help enrich the story you’re trying to tell.
  4. Help people get to know you better. Provide links to other places your company can be found online, such as Twitter, Facebook, or your blog.
  5. Never stop tweaking. A great About Us page is never set in stone. Whenever you add expertise and capabilities, enter new markets, or open new locations, update your About Us page. “The ease of maintaining information on our VistaComm site is huge,” says Jo Ann Gumto, marketing and communications director at WFS Cooperative in Truman, MN. “It’s so simple to change things immediately, and that saves me time.”

Maximize your site’s potential

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