Don’t Be Afraid of Dialogue

When we launched VistaComm+Community—our blog on—last year, we had a couple of objectives in mind. First, we wanted to create an environment—other than the breakroom—where some of the free thinkers at VistaComm could express themselves. We have some very bright folks here who spend a lot of time thinking about trends, technologies, and all sorts of interesting topics. We felt their perspective would be of value to our clients and anyone else who paid a visit to the Community.

Equally important in our minds was the establishment of—stating the obvious here—a community. We define that as a gathering point for people engaged in similar pursuits, but holding a variety of perspectives. Our best hope was for a forum where everyone who visited could gain value from the discussion of ideas.

That dialog is really what sets social media apart from communication channels of the past. With social media, when organizations push out a message, the audience can push back. It’s tough to build a relationship when one party does all the talking. So if you’re serious about creating new customer relationships or strengthening existing ones, establish a blog and get the discussion started. Make it easy for people to join by featuring your blog in all company communication and giving them various ways to subscribe (RSS feed, email, etc.)

So now I’m a blogger?
Now we’ll touch on the number one reason folks hesitate to blog. They realize that they’ll have to say something on a very regular basis. Figuring out not only what to say, but who will find time to say it, can be intimidating.

It doesn’t have to be. Progressive organizations want to communicate. They also tend to hire good people who are passionate about their areas of expertise. Share the load. Have these folks take turns sharing briefly about what they know best—industry developments and trends, new products, or, best yet, their observations in the field. The more localized, the better.

Or, you can take the approach several of our clients have taken with their blogs. Let VistaComm help you produce compelling content.

Now let’s practice. Jump into the discussion right here, or get in touch with us at or 866-752-7707.