Does Your Agribusiness Need a Social Media Coordinator?

Managing multiple social media accounts can be quite the juggling act. So much so that some businesses hire an individual to solely focus on it. Typically, this individual will have the job title of social media coordinator.

There are a number of things you need to ask yourself when considering hiring a dedicated staff member to manage and maintain your social media presence.

Will it be maintained with current staff?

An outdated social media presence is often more damaging than no social media presence at all. Making sure you stay active on any social media channel you create is critical for your agribusiness’ image. Be brutally honest with yourself: Will you and your existing staff take time to maintain these channels long term?

There are tools that can help you manage multiple accounts and streamline the process of managing them, but these will take time to learn and utilize, as well. If existing staff does not have the time and knowledge to keep up-to-date, then a dedicated social media coordinator may be your best resource.

Can you afford to hire dedicated staff?

Often, this is the biggest deciding factor to a company’s social media management. Depending on the size of your business, it may take more than one individual to manage all aspects of your social media. Many companies consider using interns as a less expensive option, but find they’re reluctant to trust the company’s image to someone with little professional experience.

Outsourcing to an agency that specializes in social media is another option many consider. When outsourcing, be sure your resource understands your business and industry, and that you understand the costs associated with their services. Adobe has a great article about their considerations in determining management of their social media strategy, and how their social media team evolved. They outline the benefits of both internal and external social media management resources.

Do you have a plan?

Editorial calendar TemplateA social media coordinator will ensure you have a strategy and follow it. Create an editorial calendar to make sure posts and ads for events and product promotions are scheduled appropriately. This will ensure your agribusiness is top-of-mind to your customers leading up to these events. Make sure you are staying in front of customers without the risk of coming across as SPAM. This will require coordination of various social networks and timing of ads to ensure they are well received.

Can you speak a consistent voice?

Whether you have one or many individuals responsible for your social media presence, can you ensure the messaging stays consistent across all channels? A social media coordinator works with either internal staff or your external agency to make sure the online voice of your company is always consistent and that you are represented accurately.

Can you hire the right person?

Can you hire dedicated staff with the knowledge and expertise in social media to make your plan a success? If you hire a new staff member, that person will have the first hand benefit of knowing the inner working of your business.

The following is a sample social media coordinator’s job posting from Workable1.

We are looking for a talented social media coordinator to create and maintain a strong online presence for our company. In this role, the right person will implement online marketing strategies through social media accounts, develop original content, and suggest ways to attract more customers and promote our brand. If you are a tech-savvy professional with an interest in communicating with clients through online channels, we would like to meet you.

Social media in ag

Job responsibilities:

  • Research audience preferences and discover current trends
  • Create engaging text, image and video content
  • Design posts to sustain readers’ curiosity and create buzz around new products
  • Measure web traffic and monitor SEO
  • Stay up-to-date with changes in all social platforms ensuring maximum effectiveness
  • Train co-workers to use social media in a cohesive, beneficial way
  • Facilitate online conversations with customers and respond to queries
  • Report online reviews and feedback from customers and fans
  • Develop an optimal posting schedule, considering web traffic and customer engagement metrics
  • Oversee social media accounts’ layout
  • Suggest new ways to attract prospective customers, such as promotions and competitions


  • Proven work experience as a social media coordinator
  • Expertise in multiple social media platforms
  • In-depth knowledge of SEO, keyword research and Google Analytics
  • Ability to deliver creative content (text, image and video)
  • Familiarity with online marketing strategies and marketing channels
  • Ability to grasp future trends in digital technologies and act proactively
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Multitasking and analytical skills
  • BS degree in marketing, new media or relevant field

How social media gets managed on a budget.

Ideally, we could all hire the individual described above. However, not everyone can afford to do so. So the next best thing is to assign social media coordination to an existing employee. A marketing manager is an ideal candidate, as they’re already aware of events and promotions happening in various departments, and have access to photos and the information relating to them.

But as you read above in the job description, you’ll see that coordinating social media is a lot more than just curating content. To help with content strategy, analytics and social media marketing, you still may need to consider an outside agency. An agency can offer expertise and instant knowhow. Plus, you’ll experience the ease and convenience of one less task on your shoulders!

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