Associate Spotlight: Talisa Wager

Talisa WagerWith an aptitude for both journalism and design, new VistaComm editor Talisa Wager perfects and finalizes every piece of client print material. Along with proofing, Talisa also assists with social media and internal journalism. From blog writing to Agri-Insights articles, Talisa has it covered with a strong set of creative skills. Top flight content and a quality production process is what makes VistaComm tick, and Talisa is a vital cog in the operation.

What brought you to VistaComm?
I was interested in trying out a career path in marketing, and I interviewed with Burke and Ellen of VistaComm at the SDSU Journalism Department career fair. What they had to say about VistaComm interested me, so when I was eventually offered an internship, I took the offer.

Now that you’ve completed your internship and are a full-time associate, what have you thought of your first couple months with VistaComm?
I’ve really enjoyed my time here. Learning the ins and outs of this business from a team that is a joy to work with has made the experience awesome. Also, I delight in the days when I get the chance to leave the office and travel to meet our clients face to face.

Where is your hometown?
I grew up on a farm 15 miles from Seneca, S.D. It’s a small town in central South Dakota that not many people have heard of. Seneca doesn’t have a gas station or school, so I spent many years riding a school bus 30 miles into Faulkton.

When did you first realize you wanted to work in journalism and design?
In sixth grade, my class was required to create a newspaper as a project, and it definitely caught my interest. After that, I became heavily involved in any activity that involved journalism—4-H club secretary and reporter, FFA reporter, yearbook committee, and a job in high school at a weekly newspaper. I developed a strong passion for writing at an early age, but I discovered a passion for design in college during an interesting desktop publishing course.

What profession, other than your own, would you like to try?
I’d love to be a country singer and travel across the globe. Unfortunately, my voice isn’t quite up to standard. More realistically, I’ve always wanted to try interior design.

What’s one website or piece of software you could not live without?
I couldn’t live without my InDesign software. I’m always designing something for myself or for my friends and family with it. I also couldn’t live without Google. I use that website at least ten times a day, if not more.

If you were a superhero what would your powers be?
Flying or invisibility. I’m always traveling—often to my family’s home, which is four hours away from Sioux Falls—so the ability to fly would save me many long car trips. I also think an invisibility power would be awesome for playing pranks on people.

Who is your favorite fictional character?

Hands down, my favorite fictional character is Meredith Grey. I’ve been hooked on watching Grey’s Anatomy since the day it first aired. She has an impressive natural talent for medicine, but I most enjoy her character because she’s hard-working, compassionate, and intelligent.

What are you most looking forward to as a member of the VistaComm team?
I’m most looking forward to continuing to work with the rest of the VistaComm team to provide our clients with end results that are above their expectations. I’m also looking forward to developing relationships with the clients I’ll be working more closely with.