Beyond Compensation

Don’t Overlook the Small Things That Attract Top Talent

By Rob Tiff, account executive, ag equipment specialization

Hired stamp graphicEditor’s Note: Guest blogger Rob Tiff is an account executive with a specialization in the Ag Equipment Industry at Executive Recruiting Consultants, a top talent recruiting firm headquartered in Dell Rapids, South Dakota and serving clients throughout the Midwest. To learn more about Executive Recruiting Consultants go to their website at

Does it feel like a constant struggle to recruit and retain top talent for your organization? While many companies focus on compensation, the small things are often what attract high performers and keep them working in a long, successful career.

As a recruiter for the ag equipment, retail, and manufacturing industries, I’ve found that there are many inexpensive—yet appealing—benefits companies can offer to the candidates they’re seeking. When a North Dakota client contacted me, for example, I had a candidate similar to what this company needed, but the compensation was very close to what this professional was already earning. To complicate matters, this candidate lived more than 13 hours away and would need to relocate.

However, my candidate was very unhappy in his current position. He was open to moving two states away, but he didn’t want to make this major change for the same amount of money. I sat down with my client’s management team to figure out how to attract this person. When they mentioned some unique perks at their company, I asked for more details. Each Friday, for example, everyone brings his or her own food for lunch, and all the employees grill together in the shop. The company also hosts fun Christmas parties that the employees enjoy.

Think creatively 
Other ways you can offer unique benefits to potential candidates include:

  • Scheduling monthly staff meetings so people can stay in touch with what’s going on in the company.
  • Hosting fun group events outside of work. Options can include a 5K run, bowling, golf outings, paintball, and more.
  • Highlighting company direction and focus over the next five years, and showing how employees can be part of this growth.
  • Displaying respect to all individuals regardless of job level (no favorites).
  • Providing training, guidance, and oversight for the team.
  • Instituting a quality performance management program.
  • Offering pet insurance. People love their pets, and pet insurance is very inexpensive. A company that’s willing to watch out for their employees’ pets is a company willing to bend over backwards for their employees.
  • Supporting a charity and allowing a casual dress day (if you work in a dress-code environment). For example, employees who donate $5 to a company charity can wear jeans to work one day.

These are just a few of the small things that can help you attract and retain high-level talent. To contact Rob or Executive Recruiting Consultants for your hiring needs go to their website at