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Is Big Always Bad?

Recently, a VistaComm client decided to challenge the idea that cooperatives are becoming too big to care about and serve their customers-members. In a magazine article titled “The Big Bad Wolf,” this local cooperative pointed out that members can become obsessed with size and see growth as a reason to fear and quit doing business […]

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Opening Doors with Baseball

Throughout America’s heartland, two institutions have stood the test of time—farming and baseball. That’s not to diminish the popularity of the games that gave rise to classic stories like “Friday Night Lights” or “Hoosiers.” But those pursuits generally end for small-town residents once players head off to college or start careers. Baseball players, however, play […]

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An Email Marketing Renaissance

With Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat so prominent these days, it’s easy to forget about email marketing as an effective communication tool. Actually, email has undergone a renaissance in the past two to three years. A recent study by the Direct Marketing Association reports that email campaigns conducted with well-maintained inhouse lists achieved […]

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