Built for Big Data

There’s a new crop on the farm—one that could equal or surpass meat and grain in terms of economic returns. The rise of precision farming has generated an incredible virtual harvest of data, and companies are racing to capitalize on this revolution.

Organizations worldwide have an increasing hunger for “Big Data,” roughly defined as datasets so large and complex that they exceed the ability of commonly used software tools to capture, manage, and process them. Big Data holds great potential value for businesses, who hope to use these massive datasets to determine product and service usage patterns, spot market trends, and ultimately gain—or maintain—a competitive advantage.

In agriculture, machines equipped with precision equipment generate a tremendous amount of data. To this point, there has been little standardization in terms of equipment connectivity and data formats. But that is changing. And as precision equipment providers scramble to be the first to provide data outputs that conform to the new reporting standards, there will be an urgent need for individuals and organizations to collect, store, and manage the resultant data resources.

Enter VistaLandscape 2.0
In a recent survey, Connotate found the top challenge with Big Data was the time and manpower required to collect and analyze it. That’s precisely where VistaLandscape 2.0, coupled with the VistaComm Software Integration Division, comes in.

VistaLandscape 2.0 is the proprietary VistaComm software that enables you to handle the Big Data challenge and utilize one of your most important resources—your data—to do more business with your customers and better identify your top prospects.

Here’s some of what VistaLandscape 2.0 brings to the table. It allows you to create a powerful, up-to-date database to segment your customers and prospects quickly and easily. This database can be accessed through a user-friendly, web-based system. Then, you can conceptualize your data by plotting producers on a map, profile these unique customers and prospects in your grower dashboard, and use a powerful suite of tools to identify market segments and spot trends.

More power

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The most frequent request we receive from our VistaLandscape 2.0 customers? “Can we pipe data from our back-office system to our VistaLandscape software and vice versa?” In many cases, the answer is “Yes.” That’s what our Software Integration Division lives for, and they begin answering that question by conducting a data integration assessment.

The first step in that assessment is to decide what data you want to track within VistaLandscape. Then, we’ll work with your IT or accounting personnel to determine the content and format of the data to be shared. Next, our team will formulate a data access strategy that will allow key data to be shared. If
a valid interface can be established, the integration team will determine whether the process can be automated.

Imagine having the ability to sort, segment, and filter both demographic and transaction data on your customers—ultimately creating a report that gives you a true customer profile. Nothing on the market offers the business-building capabilities of VistaLandscape 2.0. See for yourself at here, or contact us at solutions@vistacomm.com or 866-752-7707 today.