Amsoil Wind

Amsoil, one of the foremost lubricant providers in the United States, has cornered the lubricant market in the wind energy industry. Within the wind energy division of Amsoil, experienced and certified wind energy personnel join with operators to help fully harness the exceptional performance of Amsoil Synthetic Power Transmission EP Gear Lube.


The Challenge

Amsoil Wind came to VistaComm to enlist our help in communicating Amsoil’s dominant market position, dependability and flawless track record in the North American wind energy sector, and at the same time for help counteracting misinformation and inroads being made by smaller competitors.


The Solution

VistaComm created a dynamic full-page print ad that ran in all the most widely read wind industry trade publications. In the ad, we clearly illustrated Amsoil’s reach nationally by including a coverage map. We also identified the company’s most important message with their customer base and drove it home.

Ads for Amsoil appeared in leading wind industry publications