Enemy Swim

The Enemy Swim Project (Enemy Swim) was initiated by a proactive group of homeowners from Enemy Swim Lake in Day County, South Dakota. These residents asked VistaComm to develop print materials necessary for legally presenting a case for an environmental situation threatening their neighborhood.

The residents wanted to stop the development of a sensitive area of the lake. Allegedly, the water quality of the entire recreational and residential area was being negatively impacted to a significant degree.

VistaComm was enlisted to present a case for action to protect Enemy Swim Lake

The Challenge

The group needed an impactful print piece that utilized photos, narrative and documentation of the abuse collected by the residents for years. This piece would be used by the residents to foster the action of those in power to change the situation.

The Solution

The solution was a spiral bound document that presented the case for action in a professional and compelling manner. A separate publication containing additional, more formal documentation was also printed. The resident group then utilized the materials for a personal presentation to South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard.

Enemy Swim Lake

“My gratitude goes out to all the talented VistaComm associates, writers and designers who worked on this project. I’m very pleased with the professionalism of the VistaComm team and the final product they created and produced on our behalf. Thanks, again, everyone!”

– Garry Jacobson, Homeowner / Enemy Swim Lake / Day County, South Dakota