Following The 7th Direction

Following The 7th Direction is a philanthropic, non-profit organization. Comprised of actively engaged ambassadors, the group seeks to create and expand an awareness of the cultural and social gap experienced by Native American youth both on and off the reservations, especially in South Dakota.


The Challenge

In its developmental stage, the ambassadors approached VistaComm with basic ideas and goals for an initiative that had the promise of support from multiple investors. The group had the vision, but was missing the foundation needed to succeed. The task ahead required DISCOVERY—help nailing down their story, and establishing a strong identity in order to effectively communicate their mission.

The Solution

VistaComm proposed a Brand Builder. During these sessions, the client and marketing experts developed a newly unified brand and compelling brand story that would resonate with both internal and external audiences on a regional and national level.


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In addition to the brand story, the Brand Builder process revealed the organization’s core competencies, challenges, opportunities and potential dangers—all critical messaging elements in developing future marketing plans.

From the brand story came taglines, positioning statements, brand promise and vision statement. Once all these messaging elements were in place, VistaComm presented to Following The 7th Direction the physical tools necessary to promote their initiative to investors.

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“The Brand Builder we went through with VistaComm taught us more about ourselves and where we wanted to go than we ever could have discovered on our own. Having little experience in branding, we found the staff engaged us with their expertise and guided us through a process that brought out the very best of our project.”

— David Kolsrud, President / Following the 7th Direction / Brandon, SD