Growth Energy

Growth Energy represents those who create ethanol and support its ability to encourage energy independence and a healthier environment for all Americans. Focused on advancing the biofuels industry through education and legislative involvement, Growth Energy is a leading information source for consumers, media and policymakers.

The Challenge

In 2016, Growth Energy set its sights on reaching new audiences and increasing awareness of the benefits of ethanol, thereby driving market development and consumer choice. Growth Energy turned to VistaComm for solutions to both.

American Ethanol, a quarterly magazine for Growth Energy, was created by VistaComm to bring the message of ethanol and its benefits directly to the consumers through engaging content, visuals and design relevant to the lifestyle of the American family.

“I found the folks at VistaComm great to work with. Our story can only be told appropriately through effective visual communication and VistaComm delivered—actually over-delivered.”

– Ryan Welsh, Director of Sales & Marketing / Growth Energy / Washington, DC