MTM New Tech

MTM New Tech (MTM) is an agricultural equipment company that specializes in providing customers the latest and best technology for precision planting and harvesting.

The Challenge

MTM found itself in a very crowded market place, where all of its competitors offered the same products for the same prices. The company had a great business model for onsite delivery and service of equipment, but no one knew about these special features that made them unique. They needed to get the word out and make an impression.

The Solution

VistaComm developed a direct mail series to help this dealer stand out and get noticed. We viewed the harvest season as an opportune time to deliver the MTM story to producers, while they were spending countless hours behind the wheel of their combine, truck or tractor. A four-part, semi-monthly postcard series urged readers to be thinking about how to improve next year’s harvest based on what they were seeing during the current year’s harvest

While framing the growers’ continuum as “Harvest. Plant. Profit. Repeat,” we addressed each aspect individually while keeping the ultimate goal of sustainable profit in mind. Stylized agricultural photography and rich jewel tones provided a lush backdrop for each bold, single-word headline. An off-center, unbalanced type treatment provided a measure of visual distinction and memorability. All these creative elements combined for a strong, positive impression of MTM New Tech.

direct mail campaign
direct mail postcard