Rocky Mountain Supply

Rocky Mountain Supply is a locally owned co-operative created on November 1, 1999. Its 15,000 shareholders are farmers and ranchers while the other half are primarily citizens of the communities in a 10-county service area in south central Montana.

The Challenge

Rocky Mountain Supply came to VistaComm with the need to do “a better job with their marketing,” as they put it. They identified their biggest benefits as the level of patronage to their members and the diversity of their products. But they needed a better way to communicate these benefits, along with the services, discounts and special promotions in their C-Stores and the growth and expansion taking place at several of their locations.


The Rocky Mountain Supply newsletter made an instant impression

A bold design was created for the Rocky Mountain Supply annual report

The Solution

It was clear to VistaComm that regular communication in the form of a quarterly newsletter was a good fit for Rocky Mountain Supply. The name and location of the company offered a great opportunity for VistaComm’s design and writing team to go to work and create a memorable periodical that would capture attention and communicate everything that the company needed it to. Rocky Talk was born!

“VistaComm made the process of developing our Rocky Talk newsletter very easy. All the way from the name selection, masthead design, colors, content and everything in between. Since implementation, we have received many positive comments about Rock Talk. Our patrons have really appreciated the information we share through the newsletter, and our communication and connection with patrons has been invaluable!”

– Brad Gjermo, General Manager / Rocky Mountain Supply / Belgrade, MT