Sioux Automation Center, Inc

Sioux Automation CenterEstablished in 1961, Sioux Automation Center, Inc. (SAC), is based in Sioux Center, Iowa. They are a global leader in the agricultural and equipment industries, manufacturing a full line of livestock feed mixers, baggers and manure handling devices to serve the needs of livestock producers.


The Situation

When conversations began between SAC and VistaComm, SAC was spending a substantial amount of money on digital marketing and getting no usable reporting, feedback or conversion details. In fact, they had a number of legitimate questions about what they should expect from their digital marketing dollars.


The Process

VistaComm’s digital marketing specialists demonstrated the value of services that could help SAC improve results, track with greater detail and contribute conversions to specific keywords used in their marketing content.

To assist SAC decision makers in better understanding a complicated topic, scenarios from SAC’s own existing website were used via screen share techniques to demonstrate. These scenarios were supported by a wealth of analytical information.


The Solution

The solution for SAC involved several important steps, the most impactful being:

  • Properly configured analytics
  • Reconstruction of Google AdWords™ with call and conversion tracking
  • Systematic recording of live visitor behaviors, with the goal of reducing the number of clicks required to access information


The Results

SAC can now effectively manage and track goals and objectives, making better use of advertising dollars. So, how do the numbers look? In the first 4 weeks following revisions, SAC tracked 397 responses in the form of phone calls, submitted forms or website visits of five minutes or more. Responses continued to increase through week 16, totaling 1,757 new leads.

And SAC’s partnership with VistaComm doesn’t stop there. Monthly review sessions are held to discuss outcomes and manage SAC’s digital marketing strategy based on conversions and actual data.

Lead Generation For Sioux Automation