Skagit Farmers Supply

A newsletter helped Skagit Farmers Supply tell their story

Skagit Farmers Supply (Skagit) is a locally owned and controlled cooperative serving farmers, homeowners, businesses, families and the communities in Skagit, Island, San Juan and Snohomish counties in northwest Washington State.

Since 1934, Skagit Farmers Supply has been a committed part of the local community, and has grown from its beginning as a 46-member co-op into a company with thousands of members. They employ more than 330 staff members in four distinct departments with operations in three different states.


The Challenge

As Skagit grew, they recognized the need to better communicate their mission/vision/values to their membership. As general manager Tom Boland describes, “We couldn’t count on our website or an annual meeting to keep our core constituents up-to-date on our co-op, nor did we have the staff to develop a quality communication that met the needs of our cooperative.” They came to VistaComm for help.


The Solution

VistaComm designed and produced a quarterly members’ newsletter for Skagit Farmers Supply, complete with a dynamic masthead design—sure to get them noticed in the marketplace. And their dedicated VistaComm journalist understands the growers, employees and vision of this progressive northwestern cooperative.

A great design grabbed readership for Skagit Farmers Supply

“VistaComm delivered to Skagit Farmers Supply a high quality newsletter that represents our members’ cooperative well and meets our needs of wanting to keep our farmers up-to-date on their local cooperative.”

– Tom Boland, General Manager / Skagit Farmers Supply / Burlington, WA