South Dakota Wheat Growers

South Dakota Wheat Growers (Wheat Growers) is the largest locally-owned cooperative in South Dakota. They serve 5,400 producer/members through 39 locations within the state, and market more than 170 million bushels of grain annually.

The Challenge

To commemorate their 75th anniversary, Wheat Growers produced a history book.  Since the initial printing of the book in 1998, it became necessary to update the original book in order to keep pace with the important heritage of the organization.

The Solution

VistaComm has worked with Wheat Growers to produce an update covering the activities in the decade-plus period following their 75th anniversary—chronicled in their original history book. This update was then included in a reprint of the history book. As South Dakota Wheat Growers continued to expand, five-year updates became necessary.