United Farmers Cooperative

In March 2016, the members of two southwest Iowa cooperatives—United Farmers Mercantile Cooperative (UFMC) and Farmers Cooperative Company (FCC)—voted to join together and form United Farmers Cooperative (UFC), now headquartered in Afton, IA. VistaComm provided messaging and creative support every step of the way.

The new United Farmers Cooperative logo

The Challenge

Merger, joint venture, consolidation—no matter what term is used, proper messaging is critical in a unification such as this. In the case of UFMC and FCC, two very strong and viable entities had both remained competitive in products and services in their areas. Why, then, were they merging?—many members asked.

The Solution

This question was on the minds of not only cooperative members, but employees and residents within the communities they served. Way before a member vote was taken, VistaComm’s content team went to work and provided just the right tone, detail and delicacy needed in telling everyone how the change would impact them. It was very important to stress that this coming together would create a stronger cooperative that would remain true to the mission of serving local farmers.

As the effective date of the unification drew closer, VistaComm helped UFC formalize their new brand identity. Mission and vision statements were created, along with a new logo, taglines and a website re-design for a new cooperative.

VistaComm helped with branding and messaging following the merger that created United Farmers Cooperative
VistaComm created a variety of materials to communicate the United Farmers Cooperative merger

“VistaComm helped guide us through the merger process—from our first announcement to members and employees to a brand new logo and newsletter. They made the process easy and collaborative, while remaining sensitive to our objectives every step of the way.”

— John Pruss, General Manager / United Farmers Cooperative / Afton, IA