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4 Considerations When Looking for New Web Design Inspiration

When it comes to websites, many businesses today are not impressed with the latest trends. Corporate decision-makers want proof that any change will be a good move for their customers and their bottom line. Effective digital communication is their end goal. Here are four things to consider when gathering inspiration for your company’s new web […]

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Giving Your Customers the Best Website Experience

In today’s marketplace, it’s not as crucial that you become an expert on the ins and outs of how technology actually works. You don’t necessarily need to know how to build it. However, the really important thing to remember is when customers and potential customers visit your website, they EXPECT the best experience—regardless of the type of device they’re using.

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This Just In…

Well, not as far as we know, anyway. The jury is still out on that “mark of the beast” thing. The point is, as one of my colleagues (actually, my boss) pointed out, I may have unfairly portrayed QR codes as a universal evil in my previous post. Not so. In fact, QR codes can be very effective if used correctly and judiciously.

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