A Chance to Reflect

Experts say that taking time to count and chronicle your blessings has a beneficial effect on our psychological health. As we ingest a steady diet of negativity from the daily news, Thanksgiving provides a way to shift our focus. Who couldn’t use a little self-directed therapy as we head into the generally crazed, holiday/shopping/end-of-year period?

With that in mind, I asked my co-workers to share one thing for which they were thankful on the eve of the official Thanksgiving holiday.

Jenna Wegner, managing editor:  “I’m thankful for the reigning World Champion undefeated Green Bay Packers.” (Wisconsin girl, surprise, surprise).

Laurie Hoffman, director of business development: “Faith and Family and Friends that stand by you in the hard times.”

Troy Long, president: “I’m thankful for smartphones so I can check my email while being “out” and read and respond to important questions like this.”

Steve Ruml, precision marketing coordinator: “Thankful for my family, friends, and a roof over my head.”

Kent Terveer, accountant: “I am thankful for the great weather, possibly in the 60s. Can’t beat that.” (Spoken like a true South Dakotan).

Ivan Ven Osdel, manager, integrated services:  “I am thankful to be able to spend each day solving problems through technology.”

Coral Assam, executive assistant: “Seriously: I am thankful for the leadership of this company and the values they reflect. I am very blessed to be a part of this organization. Not so seriously:  I am thankful for turkey…and stuffing… and coupons…”

Melissa Caslin, accountant: “It sounds cliché, but I am thankful that God answers my prayers and is with me.”

Jamie O’Brien, tech client service manager:  “I’m thankful for everything God has blessed me with, especially my amazing family who I look forward to spending the day with. And for sunny, 80-degree weather on Thanksgiving.” (Thanks for rubbing it in, Florida girl).

Betsy Poppens, editor/production associate: “Our military men and women, foreign and domestic—KIA, MIA, POW, and those safely home—and their families, for the sacrifices they’ve made and continue to make.”

And me?  I’m just thankful I got a response. Made writing this a whole lot easier.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at VistaComm.
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