Changes for the Better

If you see individuals in hard hats while you’re visiting VistaComm, or hear some banging in the background during a phone call, it’s not our associates goofing off. All of the commotion is actually carpenters, electricians, and painters working on remodeling our VistaComm headquarters. And not to fret, our staff is still busy working to provide you with unique, effective, and driven solutions for your communication needs.

Remodeling is underway at the VistaComm officesThe editing room has seen some major changes since the start of the remodel.

In the next month, our office will be dramatically changing to increase the efficiency of our work environment. Even though construction only started a week ago, it has already progressed immensely. The biggest changes will take place in some offices and in the space previously used as the VistaComm editing room.

The editing room is being renovated into two rooms—a new restroom and a “think tank.” Between those two, you’re probably more interested in reading about the latter. The think tank will be a space that fuels creativity. This won’t be a typical meeting room. Instead, it will feature three walls painted with idea paint to craft a unique space that’s perfect for brainstorming sessions.

Improvements are also being made to the exterior of our building. To make getting in and out of the VistaComm office easier for visitors, the parking lot and sidewalk is being resurfaced. Near the end of construction, the building will also be painted on the outside. Plus, fresh paint will be applied throughout the entire interior of the building. We’ll complete our remodeling project with the reconfiguring of office furniture, as our associates move to new work areas.

All of the VistaComm associates are excited to see the end result and be able to provide visitors with a friendly, welcoming environment. We strive to serve our clients to the best of our ability, and we truly believe this renovation will only improve our capabilities. Throughout construction we’ll still be here for you, and we apologize for any inconveniences that have been created.