Communicating When Times Are Tough

As the lack of rain affects crops and livestock across the U.S., it’s easy to move your marketing budget at the top of the list when thinking about reducing expenses. But making your company temporarily invisible won’t help.

Yes, we know Mom told you, “If you can’t say something good, say nothing at all.” When the hottest topics focus on factors beyond your control, factors with possible negative impact on your business, it’s tempting to make “say nothing at all” your communication mantra.

Sadly, that leaves your customers in the dark or—and this is worse—coming up with their own theories about your company and then looking to someone else for answers.

VistaComm CEO Bill Byrne says:

  • “In a crisis a leader remains visible.” That’s true of a business as well. Take the lead and let your customers hear what is happening straight from you.
  • “Don’t exaggerate or gloss-over risks.” Now is actually the time to communicate more—not less. But keep it real. Be straightforward and stick to the facts. Don’t squander customer confidence; reinforce it with regular communication that lets them know you have a handle on the situation.
  • “Show solidarity.” Communicate that everyone—both your customers and your business—is impacted by this difficult situation. Find points at which your situations are very similar (revenues are impacted, plans have to be adjusted, etc.) so customers understand you feel their pain.

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