4 Tips – REAL Life Content Ideas for Your Newsletter

As a newsletter and magazine journalist for numerous publications, I talk to a lot of people. And, from time to time, I get the chance to ask them about their personal story. The response is generally the same,

“Well, my story isn’t that exciting.
I’m not sure anyone would be very interested in it.”

Almost always, after I’ve spoken with them for a while, I find some real life experience that’s truly unique. They’re just so familiar with it that it doesn’t seem like a big deal.

Storytelling is important for businesses, too, and companies often fall into the same scenario. We get so used to telling—and living—the same story over and over, that we neglect telling about the aspects of our operation that will grab the attention of our readers. Certainly, we need to talk about the services we offer—people need to be reminded. But we also need to focus on things that make us unique.

Here are 4 great newsletter ideas to help you tell your company’s story in a way that will be interesting to your audience and can shake up your other content mix as well—in a good way.



1. Wrap it in a person.

For a long time now, you’ve been telling everyone how valuable your program/services are. Now, switch it up a little and let one of your customers tell the same story. People like to read about other people, and the words of a customer carry more weight than information from the seller—no matter how credible you are.

Of course, the customer you use for a testimonial like this does make a big difference. Plenty of people would love to have a platform. Choose someone who is professional, knowledgeable and well-respected in the community you serve. They will tell your story best—and people will listen!



2. YOU are people, too.

While we’re on the subject of people, consider talking about those who make up your company. Aren’t you among the first to say, “Our greatest asset is our employees?” So talk about them. What is their story? If they have an interesting hobby, had a unique experience, or play a significant role in their community or industry, let people know.

Again, people like to read about people. The more your customers know about the folks in your organization, the more points of connection they have with your company.




3. Focus on Community.

Chances are good your company plays a significant role in the life of your community. Does your community know how involved you are? Charitable volunteering. Sponsoring the hometown baseball team. Building the local playground. Create the occasional feel-good story about the role your company, and your employees play in their communities.



4. Bring in an expert.

Do you work with experts in a technical aspect of your industry? Even sales representatives have specific areas of expertise. Consider an occasional guest writer—both on your website and in your print publications. What they have to say on a particular topic of interest to your readers will bring real value to your communication. It will also show your audience you have access to some pretty impressive resources.


Remember, you don’t have to abandon your regular topics—just mix in these stories from REAL people in REAL situations. Your readers will appreciate it.

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