When It Comes to Content, What’s Your Plan?

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 88% of businesses are using content marketing, but only 32% have documented strategy in place for their content marketing. Content strategy encompasses more than just how often to release content and what channels to use. In fact, I would argue that the most important component of a successful content strategy is having a cohesive plan across your entire organization.

Do you have a defined strategy for your content? If not, here are six things to consider when putting one together.

  1. Set goals. This may seem like a simple step, but it is one often overlooked. What do you want your content to achieve? Whether it’s raising your company’s brand awareness or providing leads to your sales team, knowing what your purpose is for creating content is crucial to measure your success.
  2. Appoint a content commander-in-chief. Assign one person the task of managing your content and give them total authority. Modern content strategy involves the continuous release of relevant information, which is challenging to maintain if every single piece needs to be run up the chain of command for approvals. Find someone you really trust, give them this job and get out of their way so they can do it.
  3. Define your audience through buyer personas. The best content managers know their audience intimately. They know how their audience will think about the content they release and they know how it will make them feel. Providing relevant content starts with your audience. Find out what’s relevant to them by seeing the world through their eyes and you will be able to write and release content they’ll be excited to read.
  4. Develop a content creation process. Defining exact processes and procedures helps create an environment in which content creation becomes standardized. Given some time, this should lessen the burden on your content manager and help them get in a groove, so to speak.
  5. Set your plan in stone on an editorial calendar. Continuous content creation requires meticulous accountability. Visually laying out your strategy within a calendar helps your content manager plan fresh content and set up timelines for creating that content.
  6. Execute. Now that you’ve defined your strategy, and know who is accountable for what, it is time to execute. This is often where people wearing multiple hats within your organization may struggle. Especially when this is not part of their job. Often times they are able to come up with great ideas and content to share, but struggle to put that into words, pictures, videos, etc. This is where content writing services can really help your organization pull your plan together.


If you need help managing your content, don’t be shy! For more information on how VistaComm can assist you in creating a dynamite content marketing strategy, contact one of our agri-marketing specialists at 866.752.7707.