New Digital Marketing Strategy Works Hard for Denton Combs

A Digital Marketing Case Study


Board licensed, and Certified Family Nurse Practitioner Denton Combs has been personally treating, managing and solving non-surgical ear, nose and throat (ENT) conditions since 1999. Seven years ago, he opened the Denton Combs Center for Excellence in Care (Denton) in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where he and his staff continue those services. Their approach to ENT issues is to focus on addressing the causes—not just the symptoms—through lifestyle changes and medical approaches rather than surgery.

denton combs was looking for an effective digital marketing strategy


When Denton came to VistaComm for assistance, their marketing communication was comprised mostly of radio, some television and print advertising in local commercial publications. They had no real way to measure the results of these tactics. Previous internal estimates calculated that approximately 70% of their existing business came through word of mouth. Denton had identified their target audience as Facebook Moms.

The need to increase awareness of their services—especially in allergies—and reach a more expanded audience in the tri-state area was Denton’s priority. In addition, they wanted a marketing strategy that would produce immediate growth of clientele, and most importantly, effective, measurable tactics that would assure Denton they were not wasting their marketing dollars.


An initial discovery process directed by the VistaComm web and digital teams helped both Denton and VistaComm learn more about each other and the target audience. Key findings during discovery helped both parties develop and agree to a web and digital marketing strategy that would work hard for Denton Combs.


To attain the greatest online functionality needed to support an effective digital marketing campaign, VistaComm explained that Denton would need to enhance their existing website. The client agreed and this was the first step taken by the VistaComm web development team.

Our digital marketing strategy started with the website

Web development began with a clear focus on that Facebook Mom audience and the online information they might be searching for themselves and their families. VistaComm’s web content specialists proceeded to tell the Denton Combs story—who they are, what they do and why those Moms should care. Content was then coupled with visuals and functionality that would cause the online reader to respond to the site and STAY WITH IT, grasping the full Denton Combs message.

With a new website ready to go, targeting Denton’s audience could begin—on Facebook, in search engines and through search engine optimization (SEO). This was accomplished through granular digital tracking of those visiting the Denton website. The VistaComm team immediately discovered which website messages were working and which ones were not. Content adjustments were made—in fact, the team now works continually with Denton to make sure site visitors are responding to the messages and overall content. If something is not working hard—getting responses—content is replaced. Tracking has enabled the VistaComm team to go back to Denton regularly and show them exactly what is working or getting good response for them.


Denton Combs wanted to grow their business—let’s get back to that. They reported to VistaComm in the program’s early stages that they were “getting way busier.” Their potential client base began to grow, as well, as evidenced by conversions. Conversions equal visits to the site that result in either a call to the Denton office or the completion of an online response form requesting additional information on Denton’s services.

VistaComm's digital marketing strategy improved search results for Denton Combs

Coming from no way to know if marketing strategies were working to having actual names and addresses of potential clients in hand, here’s the conversion data after 10 months of digital tracking:

The digital marketing strategy resulted in a high conversion rate