Is Your Digital Handshake Shaky?

Whenever someone recommends an expert, you’re likely to visit their website, take a quick glance at their home page, and then jump to the page with their biography, right?

In this age of virtual connectivity, you’re looking for a connection, and a good bio is like a strong digital handshake that helps make this connection.

Unfortunately, most bios are just plain boring—and forgettable. Here are our top five tips to create better bios and strengthen your digital handshake:

  1. Don’t overlook anyone. Sounds obvious, but it can be easy to forget to add key staff members’ bios to your website. Maybe a bio didn’t get written when you launched the site or when a new employee joined your company. Now’s the time to make sure all your key staff members’ personnel profiles are featured online and include their current contact information.
  2. Organize bios in a logical fashion. Don’t make the mistake of listing one bio after the next on one never-ending web page. Think of your audience and how they would likely scan your site to find information quickly. Organizing can be as simple as grouping all the agronomy team members’ bios in one place, followed by all the grain specialists’ bios, for example.
  3. Make your bios searchable. Visitors to your website want to find information fast. VistaComm offers an add-on tool that allows visitors to quickly search your site for the personnel they want to find.
  4. Include a current photo with your bios. Photos draw people into the personnel page and help them make a connection with your team. Avoid using random snapshots. A professional photo enhances your credibility and helps build a relationship with your clients and prospects.
  5. Think of your bios as a work-in-progress. Don’t worry about getting everything just right. Instead, plan on updating your personnel profiles at least once or twice a year to give visitors a sense of your professional philosophy, areas of interest, and your personality.

Call in the reinforcements

Let’s face it. Writing a bio can be tough. Even if you follow all these tips, you still might get stuck. VistaComm has a team of talented journalists who are ready to help you. Contact us today at 866-752-7707 to start the conversation.