Don’t Abuse the Inbox

There are times when we’ve read something we strongly agree with, and we just can’t figure out a better way to say it than the way we read it. This is one of those times. So allow us to pass on to you a few thoughts on email marketing from Chris Brogan’s blog.

First, if you’re going to send mail, send it from a real “from” address. It doesn’t have to be from your main address (shouldn’t be, really), but it shouldn’t be from “donotreply@pleasedon’” If people can reply, they will more often. If you tell me you don’t want people to reply, you’re saying you don’t want a business relationship, and I can’t help you with that.

Second, I’m a much bigger fan of plain text and/or very simple HTML formats over very pretty formatting. People aren’t getting your information based on the fact it looks like a gorgeous web page in their inbox. They want to read it.

Third, I loathe the starting line of “having trouble viewing this? Click here to view it in an inbox.” No letter coming from my mom has ever started that way.

Fourth, keep your letters to sub-500 words. People love brevity. You do.

Fifth, end with one call to action. Ask people for one action per email. That’s the super magic trick. This one tip, executed well, is worth money to you.

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