Equipment Dealer Digital Marketing Case Study

The Client

In 2017, VistaComm began working with one of the largest ag equipment dealers in the US. Our team had called upon the company to assess their digital marketing strategy and during our initial visits, we discovered several areas where they were falling short of their goals and their potential. A large part of their inventory was used equipment, and they agreed to work with VistaComm on a trial basis to help them move this used inventory.

The Process

During our initial consulting, we discovered that although the client was already spending heavily in digital marketing, they had very little proof that their dollars were providing them with the ROI they desired—outside of basic clicks and impressions metrics. The organization had an experienced marketing team, but did not have the capabilities to handle digital marketing internally. They were in the late stages of a website redesign and they wanted to ensure they drove as much traffic as possible to the new site while being able to measure their ROI.

VistaComm’s digital marketing team worked closely with the client and their developers. We made sure we knew every conversion and interaction point on the website in order to track and attribute to their online advertising efforts. Once tracking code was in place and tested, we began building campaigns to target used equipment across multiple channels online. Through this onboarding process, we worked with the client to define their audience personas and key campaign geography to ensure we were maximizing their budget by targeting key audience demographics and interests. We set up targeted keyword search campaigns, display campaigns targeted by interests, and social media campaigns in Facebook and Instagram.

The Result

As the success of the campaign grew, the client more than tripled their budget and began bringing on and allocating internal resources to work with the VistaComm team to ensure the campaign’s continued success. We implemented call tracking systems to record conversations and interactions from customers. This allowed us to determine which campaigns were driving successful calls and which campaigns needed a reduced budget to increase the ROI for the client. To coordinate with the client’s team, a collaborative project management workflow was set up. This made new campaigns and creative easily accessible by both teams and everyone knew their role in getting each new ad campaign launched.

VistaComm provided customized dashboard reports that allowed the client to view campaign performance from all channels in one place and determine which campaigns were driving the most results. The overall result in this collaborative effort was a resounding success. Through our online advertising efforts, we saw website traffic increase 350% over the course of 17 months compared to the previous period. In total, we helped provide over 11,700 leads through trackable phone calls and form submits in that same time frame, and greatly reduced the amount of used inventory on their balance sheet.