Feel It in Your Soles? We Sure Do!

VistaComm actively supports the United WayLofty goals are the norm for us at VistaComm. We aim for the best when we build a website for a client and we set stringent expectations for the quality of the print pieces we produce. The same can be said when it comes to giving back to the community. Every year, VistaComm associates band together to raise money for the Sioux Empire United Way.

This year we set three goals:
1. 100% associate participation
2. Raise a minimum of $15,500

3. Increase the number of Heart Club members

Through the United Way Heart Club, VistaComm associates donate money to support local programs such as Girls on Track. Girls on Track motivates middle school girls to be healthy and confident through running and after-school activities. To show our support, every year we have a kickoff event to get our fundraising started right. On October 29th, in the spirit of this year’s theme, “Feel It in Your Soles,” we launched our fundraising by wearing running shoes to work and had a special lunch gathering featuring Girls on Track Coordinator Heidi McCormick.

Office Administrator and member of the Community Involvement Committee, Marianne Johnson discussed VistaComm’s history with United Way. “Last year’s theme was Super Heroes, based on one of the United Way themes—‘My Hero’—a volunteer in-home helping service for the elderly. Associates were encouraged to bring super hero paraphernalia and wear super hero T-shirts. Another year, the United Way Campaign Committee dressed up like cheerleaders and performed a cheer for the opening of our kickoff rally. Other years we’ve featured games and special food.”

She continued to say, “The best part, though, is how the entire team gets involved in meeting our goals. We continue to be awarded the United Way’s highest award, the Excellence Award, for our level of participation and average giving. Since 2009, we have stayed within 92% to 95% participation and increased our giving 36%. We’re eager to see how much we exceed this year’s goal of $15,500!”

Want to get involved? Visit http://www.seuw.org for more information and watch the Sioux Empire United Way’s 2013 campaign video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXfLhoY3kd4.