Five Ways to Profit by Outsourcing Your Marketing

VistaComm can help you build a strong relationship with your customers through permission marketingStatistics guru Edward Tufte was right when he noted information overload is just bad design. Even in a world where your customers and prospects are bombarded daily with information, you can still get noticed—and become a trusted resource—by delivering the content that matters most to your customers, in the way they want to receive it, to help them grow their business.

Unfortunately, many companies stop dead in their tracks when they consider this question: Where am I going to find the time to develop all the content necessary to do this?

We’re going to let you in on a little secret: engaging your customers and prospects online doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, we’ve boiled the process down to three key steps:

    1. Ask permission. Your customers and prospects want to work with someone who can filter through all the clutter and share timely, user-friendly news they can use. To build a relationship and maximize your marketing with these important folks, put yourself in their shoes and learn how they prefer to receive information. Do they prefer e-mail or text messages? How often do they want to hear from you?

This is permission marketing, and it’s the philosophy behind The Message CenterSM by VistaComm. Your customers simply sign up online for the type of available electronic messages they want to receive, and they select how they want to receive them. In the process, they create custom contact lists. The Message Center then allows you to create, schedule, and distribute targeted messages that are automatically directed to the correct audience. For example, cash grain bids and futures can be delivered multiple times a day via text messages to your clients when you sign up for the AgriCharts service, which is available through The Message Center by VistaComm.

  1. Organize information. On what topic(s) do you want to be the go-to authority? Keep this in mind as you brainstorm and identify the information that is most relevant and valuable for your customers and prospects. Not sure what to communicate to your customers and prospects? Through The Message Center, VistaComm offers timely, pre-written articles each week you can send to your clients and prospects, whether you want to share news on livestock production issues, ag business management, agronomy, seed, energy, safety, or rural living.
  2. Share relevant news regularly. Just as you build a relationship with a good friend by staying in touch, sharing information with your customers and prospects needs to happen regularly. When you provide timely, relevant information on an ongoing basis, you will be considered a reliable, trusted resource. Now that’s a competitive advantage.

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