Don’t Forget Your First Love

Who hasn’t fallen prey, at one time or another, to the lure of the “next big thing?” Granted, sometimes the next big thing really is. Television, for example, or the Internet. But I know a lot of people who use the Internet all day long, and still relax by reading a book at night—the kind with print on paper.

Sure, social media is sexy, and important. For the marketer, however, email and text marketing should still be #1. Why? Because it is #1 for the vast majority of the people they’re marketing to. Particularly since email has now migrated to their smartphone. I can’t say it any better than blogger Chris Brogan.

Here’s what I know: you sleep with the phone very close to your head, as if you will have to answer it at 2:30 to run out and save the world. I know that one of the very first things you do in the morning is check your inbox. I know that when you’re in between meetings or leaving a lunch date, you’ll check your inbox and your texts, maybe your tweets. I know that you won’t rush to catch up on your RSS reader. I know that’s not the first thing you reach for in the morning. I know that you have a different state of mental rhythms when thinking about your inbox than when you think about blogs you read.

Most of us—farmers included—now begin the day by greeting our phone. We wonder what we might have missed overnight. Once that curiosity is satisfied, most of us move on to our day—not to our Facebook app.

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