Have You Mastered Mobile?

VistaComm websites are created to work smoothly on any mobile deviceIt can be difficult, for those of us who marketed through the rise of the Internet, to take the mobile revolution as seriously as we ought. When creating digital content, the default position is often, “Get the website nailed down. We’ll worry about the mobile side later.” The fact is, however, that more smartphones and tablets will be purchased this year than personal computers.

Mobile demands to be taken seriously. At VistaComm, we do. Frankly, most of the members of our tech team are obsessed with the latest mobile technology to a certain degree. At the very least, they are all intimately familiar with the major mobile operating systems. Not only are all of the websites we create tested exhaustively for mobile compatibility, but we also offer mobile website creation in our Website Add-On Component Toolbox.

Why create a site just for mobile use? By 2014, more people will be browsing the Web through their mobile device than their computer. As a result, it is becoming more important to offer a site optimized for mobile devices. Mobile sites are formatted specifically for viewing on smaller screens and programmed to correctly display content from all HTML-enabled mobile browsers.

It’s important to remember to fish where the fish are. As your customer access more and more information on their mobile device, you need to be there too. Talk to us about fine tuning—or creating—your mobile strategy.