Helping in the Heartland with Atlas Aftermath

South Dakota Farm Bureau helped ranchers hit by a huge blizzardNo one could have predicted the toll that the Oct. 4 blizzard would take on South Dakota ranchers. In one tragic night, tens of thousands of cattle were lost throughout the western half of the state. The devastation robbed hundreds of ranchers of their livelihood and left them with little more than empty pastures.

Fortunately, lending a helping hand to a neighbor is common practice here in the Midwest. Last month, the South Dakota Farm Bureau established the “South Dakota Farm Bureau Cares Fund.” To date, the fund has raised over $90,000 for ranchers whose herds were decimated by the October blizzard. But this is only the beginning of the road to recovery. It will take decades for some of the affected ranchers to recover from their losses. Moving forward, younger ranchers who want to create a living in the cattle industry have their work cut out for them—especially those who have large bank loans.

The Atlas blizzard decimated South Dakota cattle herdsAt VistaComm we couldn’t agree more with the Midwestern attitude for helping a neighbor in need. This holiday season, we’ll be making a donation to the South Dakota Farm Bureau Cares Fund on behalf of our clients. We know that the South Dakota Farm Bureau will put the funds to good use aiding those ranchers who have been affected by this disaster.

An ancient Native American proverb states, “We do not inherit the land from our fathers, we borrow it from our children.” It is all of our responsibility to ensure that these ranch families have something to pass on for generations to come. If you would like to make a difference, click here to donate to the South Dakota Farm Bureau Cares Fund.