Labs For Liberty Update – Gunner Is Home!

In July, I posted about our family’s role as fosters for the Labs For Liberty (L4L) service dog program for military veterans. We introduced readers to Gunner, the service-dog-in-training who had been with us since February. In a gratifying update, Gunner has shed the “in-training” moniker and was successfully commissioned with his U.S. Marine Corps veteran in early August.


In the Wasatch Mountains near Morgan, Utah, Gunner and his veteran were pretty much an instant match as they bonded and worked together during the week long training program that is part of the commissioning process.


Gunner, on the right, and his half-brother, Beau, on the left, were dogs number 12 and 13 that have been placed with veterans so far in 2016, by L4L. Gunner went to Texas and Beau headed for Alaska.


Finally, this picture was texted to me a few days ago, taken by Gunner’s veteran at his workplace. At first glance, it appears…ordinary. But I look at it and see the independence, normalcy, and confidence these dogs give back to their veterans. And that…is nothing short of extraordinary.

How can we help?

If you’d like information on being a foster or would like to donate, go to the L4L website at They also have captivating Facebook and Instagram accounts.