Let Words Tell Your Story

content_word_cloudThink about it. When you want to learn, do, find or buy something, what’s one of the first things you do? You search online, sometimes over and over again, until you have a good idea of what you want and who you want it from. It’s a sign of the times. The web has transformed buying behavior. The majority of consumers instantly search online before making a purchasing decision. And according to studies conducted by Google, people who engage in online searches digest more than 10.4 pieces of content before making a purchasing decision1.

Creative design vs good, solid content

When these visitors come across your website, what will they find? Will they find answers? Are they able to sign up for news and information or follow your social media channels to find out more? Are you letting them know you’re the trusted source they can turn to help solve their problems? So many companies focus on the design of their site and neglect the importance of the words they use. They put all their efforts into the look without carving out a carefully crafted message and ongoing content strategy that really speaks to their audience and keeps them coming back for more.

At my company, we often talk with clients who “want a new web design,” but haven’t given any thought to what it will say or who they are saying it to. They’re neglecting brand storytellingwho they are, what they do and, most importantly, why their audience should care. The words you use online are the voice of your company, speaking to your customers and prospects and telling your story. What do you have to say? If you don’t know, it makes little sense to add pictures and graphics.

Your WORDS matter

Today, effective online marketing is all about creating high-quality content and sharing this across the web. Quality content is so respected in marketing circles that content writing services exist for just this purpose. These resources know that quality content should have an online presence well beyond the About Us page that says “look how great we are.”

Quality content is information that is, first and foremost, of real value to your particular client base. “Look how useful we are—we have the answers to your problems.” And, quality content is the focus of any solid SEO strategy. Knowing what problems/solutions your customers are searching for, and utilizing that information in the content on your website is what drives traffic to your site.

Educate your clients, show them best practices, tell them what to look out for, give them valuable tips on how to achieve success, demonstrate how you’ve helped others in their shoes, answer their problems and open their eyes. And, if this is beyond your realm of expertise, don’t be hesitant to engage a content specialist to help. It will be well worth your time and money.

Creating and distributing this kind of relevant, valuable and compelling content will help you turn prospects into buyers and customers into repeat visitors.

1Google/Ipsos MediaCT, Search for Brands Industry Research, Meta-analysis, 2013-15.