Make Your Mail List Work

Direct mail marketing is still one of the best ways of getting your message to your customer—despite any contrary conversation you may have heard concerning alternatives. But, like all things, you can’t produce strong results without a strong base—your mailing list.

A mailing list is a critical part of any campaign. It is a direct connection to the people you want to reach with information, offers and updates. Accurate contact information is key in reaching readers, and you should constantly be seeking out good, solid contacts—potential customers—to add to your direct mail list.

One way to acquire contacts is to buy them. A purchased list can target specific demographics, geographies or even industries. Through a list provider, you can quickly have a substantial, accurate mailing list, but it’ll be at a cost.

You can keep costs down by building the list yourself. Business vendors, past and present customers, anyone you interact with through your business can and should be added to your mailing list. However, building a large enough list takes time and, when completed, the work is just beginning.

mailing list factOnce you have a mailing list, you must keep it accurate. Mail forwarding, move updates, address verification—these should be top-priority updates for all your contacts. What good is a customer you can’t reach? In a recent annual United States Postal Service (USPS) audit, it was found that 6.6 billion pieces (4.3%) of mail went undelivered because of incorrect addresses.* Can you afford to lose track of 4.3% of your customers year-over-year?

Building, buying and updating mailing lists can seem daunting, but with VistaComm’s help, it doesn’t have to be.

We examine your goals and options on a project-by-project basis, and if needed, we’ll find and buy a mailing list to get your information in front of the right people for the best cost. We also run our lists through a USPS-licensed database to verify address information, formatting and recipient. This database is updated monthly and runs your list against move updates, P.O. Box closures, help-mailing notices, etc., within the USPS system, and updates your list with the most accurate contact information available.

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*Source: USPS (2014). “Strategies for Reducing Undeliverable as Address Mail” (MS-MA-15-006). Arlington, VA. Office of the Inspector General, USPS.