Amplify Your Message

When the easygoing driving style of the country is what you’re accustomed to, a trip to the city can be overwhelming. Traffic in metropolitan areas is fast paced, with the vehicles traveling on what seems like a maze of roads. Deciding what route to take to get to your destination can be difficult, and it’s easy to get left behind in the dust.

Finding a way to communicate with your customers via the channel, or multiple channels, they prefer can be a similarly frustrating experience. But it doesn’t have to be.

United Prairie Ag, a diversified agri-business headquartered in Ulysses, KS, with locations in nine western Kansas communities, easily connects with their customers on all channels utilizing The VistaComm Message CenterSM.
United Priarie Cooperative Responsive Website DesignThe VistaComm Message Center, which was designed to integrate seamlessly with any VistaComm SmartSiteSM, is a tool that allows your customers to tell you what information they want to receive from you and how they want it delivered. It gives you an easy-to-use command center to create, schedule, and distribute timely alerts, relevant messages, e-newsletters, and social media updates.

“The ability to easily send daily market information has been extremely useful,” says Bob Ward, CEO of United Prairie Ag. “Our customers can, and do, get their market information from multiple sources. But when they can get that information from the same place their grain is handled, stored, and marketed, it’s just much more effective.”

Another major benefit, according to Ward, is the synergy the Message Center creates with their VistaComm SmartSite.

“Customers need to have a reason to continue to visit your website on a daily basis, and that’s where the Message Center helps,” Ward explains. “Whether they receive their message on their computer, phone, or iPad, it drives them to our website to get more information. All your online tools need to work together, and the Message Center and our SmartSite certainly do.”

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