WFS Masters the Mobile Revolution

It’s not business as usual at WFS in Truman, MN. As the pace of mobile technology adoption accelerates in farm country, WFS wants to stay one step ahead, starting with its feed ordering system.

The challenge—make it simple
“Farms are getting larger, and farmers’ time is limited, so being able to communicate with their supplier on the go has become more of a necessity,” notes JoAnn Gumto, marketing communications director for WFS. “Our customers liked being able to order feed through our website, but they wanted an even easier way to conduct business with their mobile device.”

The solution—make it mobile
WFS turned to VistaComm to develop a mobile-friendly feed form. The result? An innovative application that allows customers to easily order feed with the touch of a button through their mobile device, anywhere, anytime.

Bulk feed orders can be placed by logging on to in the browser on any mobile device, clicking on “Feed,” and then “Order Feed” from the menu. The feed order is placed instantly, and a confirmation receipt is sent via email. To make it even easier, customers can set up an icon on their mobile device to instantly go to

“We’ve worked with VistaComm for a long time and knew that they would have the expertise to give us what we needed to help our customers,” Gumto says.

VistaComm’s professionals asked a lot of questions to ensure they understood what WFS wanted. After developing and testing the application, they also allowed WFS time to put the application to the test. “This gave us the reassurance that it would work properly for our customers,” Gumto says.

The results—make it effective
WFS customers have been impressed with the results. Not only were they surprised by how fast WFS offered this handy application, but they appreciate the ease of ordering feed from their mobile device while they’re working in their barns.

This is just the beginning for WFS’s mobile solutions, Gumto says. “As younger, more technology-savvy farmers take over their family operations, they will demand information at a touch of a finger. WFS wants to continue to offer our customers the information and technology they need to succeed. Mobile applications will be an important part of that.”

The opportunity—make it yours
At VistaComm, our specialists take a “mobile first” perspective. It starts with our SmartSite responsive web design that makes it easy to view webpages on any system, whether you log on from a mobile device or a desktop computer. Our mobile website technologies, including applications like the one we developed for WFS, are also available as add-ons with many of our Web packages.

Ready to provide a more convenient online experience for your customers? Contact us at, call 866.752.7707, or log on to, to start the conversation.