One Site, Many Devices, Same Exceptional View

Every year, more people are accessing the Internet with a mobile device, which means that your mobile users have to be accounted for when developing your website.

And, what happens when customers don’t get the mobile experience they are seeking? In a Google survey of just over 1,000 U.S. smartphone Internet users, nearly two-thirds said they would abandon a mobile site if they didn’t see what they wanted right away.

Fortunately, there is an answer that can deliver a great user experience without having to design and maintain a separate mobile site. Key Cooperative, headquartered in Roland, IA, found that answer—a responsive website design—in their new, recently launched, SmartSite™. “The site functions wonderfully across a range of devices,” states Sara Clausen, director of marketing and member communications for Key Cooperative.

A VistaComm SmartSite is designed to perform well on any mobile deviceA responsively designed website will adapt to whatever device it is being viewed on—from widescreen HD monitors to smartphones. It will look good and function smoothly on every screen and with every current browser. At VistaComm, we specialize in using the responsive design technique for all of our SmartSites. We’ve successfully taken this approach for the past two years on behalf of many satisfied customers.

“Our staff will soon be equipped with tablets to take to the farm gate. Having our website as the first thing they show customers will be very powerful,” Sara concluded. “Our SmartSite is one step ahead of current websites, and is the best visionary decision a company could make.”

Are your current and future mobile-user customers getting what they are looking for? Contact us at 866-752-7707 or We’ll be happy to discuss a mobile-first strategy tailored specifically for your business.