Myth vs. Reality: Driving User Engagement Through Online Video

Always looking for inspiration to share with our customers – especially in digital communication – we stumbled upon a great article from 2015 at Online video is not new, but this article goes a long way in supporting our suggestion to clients that they include more video on their websites. Here’s what we found:

MYTH: Video is watched solely to gain awareness.

REALITY: Researchers watch video during the entire path to purchase.

Online video is where we’ve seen the most growth over the past couple of years. Seventy percent of buyers and researchers are watching videos throughout their path to purchase. That’s a 52% jump in only two years. And it’s not just light viewing. Nearly half of online researchers are viewing 30 minutes or more of videos during their research process1, and almost one in five watch over an hour of contentb2b-online-video-views-path-to-purchase.

What’s got their attention? Videos about product features top the list, followed by how-tos and professional reviews. They’re watching the videos that appear on YouTube because they find them highly useful.

These videos are also helping extend the conversation.

When asked what they did after watching, researchers said they talked to colleagues, looked for more information, visited a brand’s website/store, or shared the video. Start to finish, videos are playing an increasing role for these researchers.

And, here’s another interesting stat: 48% of smartphone users are more likely to buy from companies whose mobile sites or apps provide instructional video content.2

At VistaComm, we got the message. We’ll be producing even more video content for our clients. Content that helps their customers learn about, compare and research their purchases. Not sure where to start? Contact our experienced team today to help get you started on the right path to making your website or online content a more engaging experience for your customers.

 1Nearly half of potential buyers watch 30 minutes or more of B2B-related videos Google/Millward Brown Digital, B2B Path to Purchase Study, 2014.
 2Consumers in the Micro-Moment, Wave 3, Google/Ipsos, U.S., August 2015, n=1291 online smartphone users 18+