Playing it Smart with Your Website

The statistics speak for themselves: 94% of farmers own a cell phone, smartphone, or other mobile device, and younger farmers are five times more likely to access the Internet through their cell phone. That means if your site isn’t optimized for all devices, your customers and prospects may be turned away.

Don’t worry, there’s a way to play it smart. Here are five features that’ll make your site hit maximum potential on every device.

  1. Image optimization for hand-held devices. Understand the pain of waiting for images to download when accessing a website on your cellphone? Then you’ll appreciate image optimization. This allows images to be served up in reduced sizes for smaller screens, which in turn decreases bandwidth use and sharply reduces the delay.
  2. Enhanced interactions for touch. After you’ve waited for the site to fully load, it becomes even more frustrating trying to navigate without the aid of a keyboard or mouse—common features of desktop or laptop computers. However, thanks to the utilization of bigger buttons and icon-based navigation, interaction on your company site via touch screen is no problem.
  3. Strengthen your site’s readability. How many times have you accessed a site, seen text presented in a small font size, and immediately lost interest? When your site is optimized for all devices, the copy’s text adapts to the dimensions of the device so it’s always large enough to read no matter what device.
  4. Proper coding to increase speed. The way a site was developed can also hinder speed. Older programming techniques impact the rate at which a site is downloaded from the internet and rendered by a mobile device. To significantly pick up the loading speed on mobile devices, modern coding techniques should be used when developing and styling your site.
  5. Eliminate unneeded content. The amount of content on your company’s site can also be a problem. On a desktop, because of the quick internet speed and lofty screen size, it’s not a limitation. But pull the site up on a mobile device and the freedom presented on a desktop vanishes. Eliminating unneeded content guarantees that speed is no longer a limitation.

Optimize your site today

Want to see these features on your own site? A SmartSite℠ from VistaComm has all of the features mentioned above. If you’re interested in some visual examples, check out,, and to see what we’re talking about. Contact us today at 866-752-7707 to get the conversation about your website rolling.