Words + Pictures: The Power of Infographics in Agri-Marketing

“Whole-Farm Revenue Protection: A Risk Management Safety Net” 

Is that an article you would read?

I’m betting not.

Now, would you be inclined to take a second look at this?


And what if I point out that this is about the very topic you bypassed at first mention?

Infographics have taken the agri-marketing world by storm in the past few years as marketers and agribusinesses test new and different ways to cut through the advertising clutter. Producers aren’t interested in stogy, dry content on complex policy and product topics, which means we need to be a bit more dynamic in our delivery.



Infographics have the ability to transform the ordinary into an extraordinary means of delivering attention-grabbing, vibrant, meaningful content an audience may have overlooked otherwise.

Convincing? Well, good news—infographics are a very approachable content-type that actually requires you to write less. Less copywriting—who doesn’t love the sound of that?! Here’s a few quick tips to get you going.


Make a plan

Start with a topic from your editorial calendar. Then determine what information to gather and how to structure it. Meeting with your infographic designer on the front-end will help you establish a theme that carries throughout the writing to the finished look-and-feel. (Keep in mind a good designer can make or break your final result!)


Make it short

Do you find a giant wall of copy or pages and pages of text daunting? Guess what? Your customers do too. Tear that wall down and hand your audience small digestible chunks that get your point across. If you set the hook just right, you’ll leave them wanting more.

Make it sweet

Don’t invent figures or skew information during your content assembly process. Present your audience with facts and material that accurately supports your cause. And cite your sources!

Make it pretty

The ultimate goal is for your customers to get the point, right? Who says you need 5,000 words for that to happen? You’d be amazed what a little color, some diagrams and a few graphic elements can do to make overwhelming content digestible. Not to mention, these elements can all tie into the visual identity of your company, further strengthening brand recognition—win win!


Share it with the world

The beauty of working in a graphic format means new doors of distribution are open to you. Posts accompanied with an image tend to perform significantly better on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Beyond that are channels founded on the use of images, like Instagram and Pinterest. If your brand is utilizing these platforms, so should your infographic.


Whether you are looking for more information or a partner to assist you in tackling your first (or fifth!) infographic design, give us a shout! We can help you get a plan in place, and bring it all together into an exquisite work of informed art.