Print Communication Is NOT Dead! So Spice Up Those Newsletters.

If anyone tells you print newsletters are dead, don’t believe a word of it. Here’s the real story:

Science is revealing that ink on paper creates a deeper impression in the human brain than something non-physical, like a digital message. A recent article in Target Marketing explains this phenomenon of “your brain on print.” According to a study from the Center for Experimental Consumer Psychology at Bangor University in Wales, the physical nature of print elicits an emotional connection in people.

Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), researchers found that content delivered in paper form is more stimulating than content delivered in virtual or digital form. Apparently, our brains perceive printed items (like newsletters) as more genuine—and engaging.

Top 8 content tips to make your company’s newsletter rock

So, how do you create an eye-catching print newsletter that resonates with your audience? Here are 8 practical and proven newsletter ideas:

  1. Cater to skimmers. Many people will skim headlines, subheads, pull quotes, and call-out boxes to grasp the main points of an article. These writing devices, when used skillfully, can also motivate readers to dig deeper and get the rest of the story.skimmers
  1. Write tight. This doesn’t have to mean short, although it can. Why say it in 100 words if you can say it clearly in 10? In any case, craft each story to be concise and compelling, while conveying the key points that fulfill the objectives outlined in your editorial calendar.wright_tight
  1. Include photos. Nothing sparks a reader’s interest like photographs, especially when the images feature people. Photos can enhance newsletter articles, or they can be designed to create a stand-alone photo montage that tells its own story. Remember, pictures are content, too!photo_collage
  1. Add graphics. Don’t stop with photos. Try adding charts, lists, infographics or other visual communication tools to help engage newsletter readers and tell your stories more effectively.
  1. Feature human interest stories. Whether you showcase employees or clients, there are countless human-interest stories that will catch readers’ attentions. Maybe it’s your employee who collects vintage tractors, or your customer who has traveled to various parts of the world on mission trips. Let your audience get to know the people behind your organization. Don’t hesitate to enlist the help of good content writing services for interviewing your subject and telling their story.people_photo
  1. Take a trip back in time. History and anniversary features can make for fun reading, thanks to great storytelling. Include a timeline, fast facts about your company, Did You know? sidebars and other tools to make the information even more interesting to readers. Again, content writing services exist to help with the heavy-duty research often needed for projects like this.timeline
  1. Go behind the scenes. What makes your organization tick? Perhaps you could offer a question-and-answer article with your board members to share their thoughts on challenges and opportunities in your industry, as well as what excites them about the future. You could also select a department within your organization and share a “day in the life” of the people who work there.insider
  1. Connect with the community. How does your company support the local community? Do you have a charity you support each year? Do your employees serve on local boards or volunteer with community organizations? Do you sponsor college scholarships and/or internships? Tell these stories to show how your organization is proud to give back. In fact, include a community feature on your editorial calendar for every issue. This almost guarantees that your publication will be read!


The bottom line? Print is powerful!

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