Print: The New (Old) Brand Differentiation Tool

Remember a couple years ago when marketers were writing print’s eulogy as an effective marketing medium? “Print is dead!” they declared. “Customers just don’t respond to it anymore,” they proclaimed. The digital revolution was upon us as smartphone usage was exploding, and a sizable portion of the population was consuming all media—from books to music and mail—exclusively on their mobile devices.

Here we are just a few years later and, although more people than ever have gone digital, the latest and greatest brand differentiator may surprise you. Yep, you guessed it…print. In fact, according to a recent Pitney Bowes survey, 76% of small businesses say their ideal marketing strategy encompasses a combination of both print and digital communication. So what makes print a great medium to differentiate your brand? Consider the following.

  • In The Digital Age, tangible items get noticed. A print piece is a physical thing. It’s something your prospects can feel, allowing them to experience the piece using their sense of touch. Emails can be mass deleted. Direct mail pieces can be thrown away, however, many sit for months and years on a prospect’s desk, adding the value of additional shelf life over its digital counterparts.
  • Print pieces add legitimacy to your brand. Let’s face it. Anyone with an email can reach you for free as long as they know your email address. Although emails are much more cost effective, print pieces establish credibility in the minds of consumers, who often conclude that a company that can afford to send a piece of printed material must be stable and have resources at their disposal.
  • Fighting for attention has become easier offline. The Internet has been saturated with ads. Your favorite news website is covered in ads. Your social network of choice is covered in ads. Your inbox is inundated with ads. Your physical mailbox, not so much (especially if you exclude credit card offers). It has become much, much easier to grab someone’s attention with a message delivered to their physical mailbox than their digital e-mail inbox for one reason: there’s less competition.

Print has made a triumphant comeback in the world of marketing and companies have begun using print more and more to differentiate their brand. Ironically, what seemed like a lost cause just a few years ago has become a hot medium for marketers in 2014.

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