Rallying for United Way

The Sioux Falls community prides itself on a deep commitment to social involvement and giving. VistaComm and Byrne Companies genuinely share in that belief and know that there’s no better way to show it than to raise money for the Sioux Empire United Way. On Tuesday, VistaComm and Byrne Companies associates gathered to kick off the annual United Way Rally.

The mission of Sioux Empire United Way is to improve lives. More than 90 cents from every donated dollar goes back to the community through programs and services that serve children and the underprivileged. Every year, the Sioux Empire United Way directly affects the lives of 1 in 3 individuals in our community through these programs and services.

The Rally began with a catered lunch from Panera. A variety of sandwiches, chips, and cookies were on the menu. Following lunch, members of our Community Involvement Committee gave a presentation on the good works of Sioux Empire United Way. They discussed the organizations United Way works with and the rigorous standards those organizations must reach to earn the funding. United Way ensures that all money donated to them is distributed to organizations that truly deserve it. These organizations include Boys & Girls Club, Meals on Wheels, Community Outreach, and many others. Our United Way has partnered with 47 agencies and provides funding for over 90 programs within the Sioux Empire.

Next, our CEO, Bill Byrne, presented us with our goal. This year associates will raise $22,212 with 100% associate participation. Every year we are challenged with lofty goals and every year we come together to achieve them. There is little doubt that this year will be any different.

The United Way Rally wrapped up with an exciting game of Catch Phrase/Pictionary. Associates were divided into three teams and given an envelope full of words that are related to United Way. Each associate could choose to draw or describe the phrase they pulled from the envelope. After the allotted time, the team that guessed the most words correctly won. The high-stakes game was played for a tub of bite size candies.

VistaComm goes all out to support the United Way

Developer and creative specialist Josh Broton uses those creative skills to give his team the answer.


VistaComm holds a special event to encourage support for the United Way

VistaComm president Troy Long attempts to explain his drawing of “Bridge” and “Center”.

The United Way Rally was a fun experience for all. But more importantly it reminded us how fortunate we are to be able to provide for ourselves and our families, which is something many members of our Sioux Falls community cannot say. “You reap what you sow,” said Marianne Johnson, Community Involvement Committee member, during her presentation. If you’d like to sow some good deeds, visit http://seuw.org/Give.aspx to donate to a great cause.