Reach More People – Without Lifting a Finger

E-newsletters offer one of the easiest, most affordable ways to keep in touch with your clients and prospects, but they don’t have to be one-trick ponies after the e-mail’s sent. When you add an e-newsletter archive on your company’s website, you can cast a wider net to reach more customers and prospects.

After all, you’ve invested a fair amount of time and resources to gather content and create news your clients can use. Your archived e-newsletters—brimming with interesting information about your company and other timely resources—can provide a content-rich destination point on your website.

VistaComm can help you add an online archive where people can access back issues anytime with a simple click of the mouse. It doesn’t get any easier than this to attract a wider audience, make your website more useful to visitors, help build trust with your target audience, and build your contact list.

A number of VistaComm’s clients who regularly send out e-newsletters to their customer base have discovered the value of archiving this information online. FCA Co-op, for example, includes an archive page that VistaComm maintains for them. In addition, WFS features a news category for each monthly e-Link e-newsletter on their custom website, allowing visitors to easily find and view past e-Link stories.

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